to the Alabama Athletic Commission website. The Alabama Athletic Commission was established by an act the State of Alabama legislature to oversee and regulate boxing and mixed martial arts in Alabama. Our goal is to protect the fighters, promoters, and the consumers in these sports.

New Rules Effective January 1, 2023

CHAPTER 165-X-1 Professional Boxing
CHAPTER 165-X-2 Professional MMA
CHAPTER 165-X-3 Amateur MMA
CHAPTER 165-X-5 Professional Wrestling
CHAPTER 165-X-6 Professional Kickboxing
CHAPTER 165-X-7 Amateur Kickboxing
CHAPTER 165-X-8 Professional Bare-Knuckle Boxing
CHAPTER 165-X-9 Complaint and Disciplinary Actions
CHAPTER 165-X-11 Application for Spouses of Active-Duty Military Personnel

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