to the Alabama Athletic Commission website. The Alabama Athletic Commission was established by an act the State of Alabama legislature to oversee and regulate boxing and mixed martial arts in Alabama. Our goal is to protect the fighters, promoters, and the consumers in these sports.

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The same week the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) voted to begin regulating Dana White's version of "slap fighting", where participants take turns slapping one another as hard as they can, the Alabama Athletic Commission (AAC) unanimously voted to keep Slap Fighting as an illegal event, during their regular open meeting. "This is not a sport," said AAC Chair Casey Sears. "This is an activity where competitors defending themselves are against the rules." Slap fighting remains illegal in Alabama to promote, participate or attend. Anyone that is aware of an illegal slap fighting event is encouraged to contact the AAC and the local authorities to have events shut down immediately.
The Attorney General may bring a civil action requesting relief, including a permanent or temporary injunction, restraining order, or other order, against any person who he or she believes is violating the rules of the AAC. Violations may result in up to a ten thousand dollar ($10,000) fine for per violation of the rules and guidelines of the commission.
The Alabama Athletic Commission is the sole regulator and has the sole authority to regulate any form of unarmed combat held in the state as the commission deems necessary.

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